About Us

Orlando, like many cities across our country, is weakened by disunity in its foundational sectors. The instability of disunity can be fortified, not by uniformity, but rather deep solidarity. Divisions that run along racial fault linesthreaten such city-wide solidarity. Meaningful community that is built upon honest relationships is the best bridge forthese divisions.

Established in 2017, Orlando Together emerges out of five years of relationships built by Downtown CREDO across racial and economic lines. It will fortify cities by undermining racial divisions as they manifest in religious, education, business, and civic life. Orlando can be characterized by a network of relationships leading to collaboration and solidarity in its major sectors. Orlando Together can be a catalyst for that vision by raising the banner of solidarity across racial divisions with two visible citywide events and yearlong cohorts.


Nicole Higgins

Executive Director

Born in Jamaica, grew up in Orlando, and claim a handful of cultural cues from time in Georgia (Go Bears!), Southern California, and D.C.


Ben Hoyer

Board Chairman

I grew up in Lake Mary, but my family is solidly Midwestern. But when anybody asks, I now proudly claim Orlando as home.