Our yearlong cohort program, will select 6-10 influencers per city sector from an applicant pool. Each cohort will partake in three salons. Orlando Together Salons engage the racial fissures weakening our city by sector from the front row. Potential salon trips include: conversations with elementary teachers from diverse schools on classroom discipline approaches; a panel discussion on the role of churches in commercial real estate; resident interviews understanding perspectives on law enforcement; and a presentation on the demographics of small business loan recipients.

Dinner on Division

Our fall event, the Dinner on Division will set a literal dinner party on Division Avenue in downtown Orlando and invite moderated conversation on how our city still lives with the consequence of choices to divide ourselves on racial and ethnic lines for generations. This dinner is an invitation for guests to explore their own cultural and familial narratives as they intersect with fellow dinner guests.

Next Event: October 24th, 6PM, 1010 W Church Street, Orlando, FL 32805

Orlando Together Parade

Our spring event, the Parade celebrates the belief that our cities are stronger, and our lives better, when they are marked with diversity. In partnership with the City of Orlando Families, Parks, and Recreation Department, we convene a diverse cross-section of the city to build floats and parade through the historic Parramore Heritage neighborhood.