What we do

Storytelling -- connecting our stories to local history, and each other

Our inability and unwillingness to directly address issues of race has a direct impact on organizational effectiveness - from recruitment, training, and promoting a diverse employee base to greater innovation, stronger organizational culture, and a widening client base.

Organizations who recognize and honestly address race are more productive and impactful. Orlando Together develops on-site customized programming -- following a three-fold framework designed to invite participates to articulate, explore, and consider personal and corporate impacts of issues of race. Join the conversation.We are #bettertogether

Awareness and Training
Our on-site programming, customized to meet the needs of your organization, which takes place over two, 5-hour sessions.

Sample agenda

Day One
Participants will visit historic sites in the city. Knowledgeable facilitators will guide participants to explore the real legacies of racial bias and the role they play in your city's neighborhoods, jails, and wealth disparities. Participants will articulate experiences that shape personal and collective paradigms of race that shape our current contexts, including addressing areas of implicit bias.
Day Two
Participants will engage with subject-matter experts to consider the broader social policies that have impacted the realities explored in Day One. Participants will be challenged to consider the personal opportunities to build inclusive networks, organizations, and communities. Participants are invited to imagine collective responses to the realities explored in both sessions.

Dinner on Division

Our largest public event, the Dinner on Division will set a literal dinner party on Division Avenue in downtown Orlando and invite moderated conversation on how our city still lives with the consequence of choices to divide ourselves on racial and ethnic lines for generations. This dinner is an invitation for guests to explore their own cultural and familial narratives as they intersect with fellow dinner guests.

Problematic Prose

It's a book club, it's a podcast...it's a collaboration with Burrow Press, coming Fall 2019. Conversation + literature. You don't want to miss it.